Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

The School Exchange partnership ”Get in Shape for Europe” (GISE)

During the period 1 September 2018-31 August 2020, five European schools will work together to implement the School Exchange partnership ”Get in Shape for Europe” (GISE). The partner schools are:

  • The High School ”Stefan Procopiu” (Vaslui, Romania)-coordinator
  • Foreign Language School (Pleven, Bulgaria)-partner
  • 5th General Senior High School of Aigaleo (Aigaleo, Greece)-partner
  • The High School of Economics and Gastronomy (Tarnów, Poland)-partner
  • I.I.S. E. Majorana-A. Cascino (Piazza Armerina, Enna, Italy)-partner

We discoverd that here is a need for activities and projects that will make Europeans fall back in love with Europe again. School and education has an important role to play in promoting the common European values enshrined in the EU Treaty, values that are a prerequisite for creating a socially coherent society. Partner schools need opportunities to develop a conducive environment to the promotion of European values among pupils. Social, civic and intercultural competencies foster inclusiveness. So, the goal of the project is to promote democratic values and fundamental rights, social inclusion and active citizenship and equip students and teachers with the information and skills needed to become informed and involved European citizens.

The target groups for the implementation of project activities are the teachers and students aged 14 to 19.


  • O1 - to develop, by August 2020, for pupils in 5 European schools, social, civic and intercultural competences, by promoting democratic values and fundamental rights, inclusion and nondiscrimination, active citizenship
  • O2 - to develop, by August 2020, for pupils in 5 European schools of critical thinking about the use of the Internet, mass-media and social networks as a weapon against discrimination and manipulation
  • O3 - the exchange of experiences, best practices, methods and tools between teachers from 5 European schools on the development of social, civic and intercultural competences and facilitating their integration into schools activity
  • O4 – institutional development of partner schools through the exchange of experiences, methods, tools and good practices on the development of social, civic and intercultural competences and the management of European projects by supporting and strengthening European cooperation

  • The project’s implementation will be organized based on 5 work packages:
  • WP1 - Management and Coordination–Romania
  • WP2 - Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils–Greece
  • WP3 - Short-term joint staff training events-Poland and Romania
  • WP4 - Dissemination and Exploitation–Bulgaria
  • WP5 - Monitorization and Evaluation-Italy


  1. intangible results: teachers and students will:
    • improve their knowledge about the project theme (democratic values and fundamental rights, inclusion and non-discrimination, active citizenship), about EU (history, values, politics), about culture and civilization of partner countries
    • improve their skills and competences (intercultural learning, teamwork, organization, communication, responsibility, adaptability, flexibility, digital competences, English communication)
    • develop attitudes (positive attitude towards the EU, inclusive and non-discriminatory attitudes, tolerance and mutual respect, a better understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity, critical spirit, civic spirit), increasing motivation, positive attitude towards oneself and others
  2. tangible results: 5 short-term exchanges of groups of pupils, 5 short-term joint staff training events, 5 European clubs, 6 brochures, dissemination and evaluation materials, local activities, integration of results in school activities

This project contributes to the institutional development of schools from several points of view, such as strengthening the European dimension of schools and increasing the capacity to operate at European level by exchanging experiences, methods and best practices and integrating them into the teaching and extra-curricular activities of partner schools, creating, in partner schools, a friendly, inclusive and democratic environment, strengthening the cooperation between the teachers involved in the project activities (which can generate new ideas, new activities, new projects), increasing the quality of education offered in partner schools as teachers will improve their knowledge and skills that will be used in didactic and educational work, promoting schools in the educational community, strengthening cooperation with local institutions.

Our project aims to contribute to the implementation of the European policies mentioned in the documents (such as Europe Strategy 2020, Paris Declaration, Proposal for a Council recommendation-17 January 2018) aiming to promote a fair, democratic and inclusive society. A key factor in achieving this strategy is the social, civic and intercultural competences that foster inclusion.


The High School ”Stefan Procopiu” (Vaslui, Romania)-coordinator

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Web site:


+40235318614x123, +40235318122x123


Adress: Castanilor Street, no. 3, Vaslui, Romania”Stefan Procopiu” High School is teaching pupils in high school education. In this year, there are 1,765 students distributed in 68 classes: -23 with theoretical profile: 660 students -31 with service and technical profile: 680 students 14 vocational school classes Number of Teachers: 120 We want to participate in this project because we believe that in our school it is necessary to create a conducive environment to the promotion of inclusive school principles, a friendly and democratic school where all children are respected and integrated without discrimination and exclusion from ethnic origin, disability, special educational requirements, the socio-economic status of the families, the residence environment or the students' school performance. Many of our high school students face various difficulties: -educational difficulties. The school results of our school students are modest.-social and economic difficulties. Over 60% of our students come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. More than 400 students receive scholarships because of low parents' incomes. 956 students are from rural areas and 856 students commute daily. -personal difficulties. Many students have difficulties in social integration, communication, do not have critical thinking skills, are intolerant, and sometimes even violent towards others. Involving students in the activities of this project is an opportunity for their personal development. Since 1999, our high school has implemented about 40 projects. We have particularly promoted environmental responsibility ("Energy for Tomorrow" project), gender equality (”Everybody can do it”), European Citizenship ("Ambiance" project), education for all (project "A friendly school"). In the school year 2017-2018, our high school is running for the title of "Ambassador School of the European Parliament". The teachers and pupils involved have gained an experience that they can use in this project.

Foreign Language School (Pleven, Bulgaria)-partner

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Telephone: +359887428487

Adress: 22 Alexander Stamboliyski, Pleven, Bulgaria High school of foreign languages- Pleven has a 167- year history- celebrations and workdays, traditions and memory, a symbol of a great past and present, worthily walked path, filled with a sense of responsibility when educating the youth about universal values. Path of founders, artists, professionalists , innovators. Path of growth and rewarded prestige. Path of winners. High school of foreign languages- Pleven is a school with traditions in foreign language education. High school of foreign languages- Pleven is a heir of one of the first ten schools in Bulgaria, founded in the school year 1849/1850. The studied languages are: English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. Our motto is: “More languages- more cultures- more worlds”. There are 64 teachers teach 834 students. We have students with various social background so we aim to provide equal opportunities for education and career development. The high school is an active member of NABEK for 9 years. The school is associated with UNESCO, it is a member of the National Association “SEIGE”. Our school is a licensed exam center for English Language Certificates for the Central North Bulgaria. We also work with BACEE Fulbright and we have had American teachers for 5 years. We have students who are National Laureates at Olympiads of Ministry of Education, winners at Multilanguage National Competitions, Prize-winners at Literature and Theatre Contests, which is a proof for the quality of education. This European project is interdisciplinary and transversal. It involves languages, science, history, geography, ICT and all subjects which will hepl us attain our priorities. The project addresses themes that are important to us (democracy, European values, rights, inclusion, active European citizenship). The project contributes to the development of skills and abilities that are extremely important for the current European society. This is our motivation for participating in this project.

5th General Senior High School of Aigaleo (Aigaleo, Greece)-partner

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Telephone: +302105982416

Adress: Souliou and Peloponnesou,35, Aigaleo, Greece

The 5thSenior High School is situated in the city of Aigaleo, which is suburb near Athens.The total number of our students is 270, aged from 15 to 18, and as for our teaching staff, there are 30 teachers, specialized in different scientific areas. The subjects taught are: Greek Language and Literature, Biology, Mathematics, History, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education, Religious Education, Project, Social and Political Studies, the English Language, Computer Science. The main aim of our school is to offer our students general education on the subjects mentioned above and to prepare our 3rd-grade students for the University entrance exams since the Greek Educational System is mainly focused on that direction. Due to the economic crisis that has been plaguing our country since 2010, a lot of our students are facing certain social and economic difficulties, since the percentage of unemployment is quite high in our region. Therefore, this has a negative impact on the educational level of the students as well, who definitely need extra support and help by the teachers to respond to the high needs of school. In this context, the teachers try through combined efforts to involve students in projects and assignments in order to broaden their horizons, to raise students’awareness about issues of world interest and violation of human rights and to enhance their team spirit and creativity through theatrical performances and extra-curricular activities, in order to promote social inclusion and tolerance. Our school has experience in running thematically-related projects: Youth Parliament, Visit to the Greek Parliament, 1974: Restoration of Democracy in Greece, Rhetorical strategies and debate, Human rights, European Youth Parliament, Euroscola, Model United Nations.

The High School of Economics and Gastronomy (Tarnów, Poland)-partner

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Telephone: +48146361076, +48146361077

Adress: Gen. J. Bema 9/11, Tarnów, Poland

Zespół Szkół Ekonomiczno-Gastronomicznych (The High School of Economics and Gastronomy) is one of the oldest and largest vocational schools in Tarnów. The school was founded on 6th November 1911. The school offers students both general and vocational education within two types of school: technical school and vocational school. The students may choose from the following specializations: economic technician, hotel industry technician, tradesman technician, technician of gastronomic services and catering, salesman, confectioner, cook, and waiter. The fields of study we offer are based on the current core curriculum and a modern didactic basis, which guarantees the possibility of obtaining the highest qualifications in a given field. The school employs 74 teachers who have high professional and general qualifications. 721 students attend the school, including 527 girls and 194 boys. About 70% of our students are commuters and live up to 50 km from the school. Participation in the project will give us the opportunity to broaden our knowledge on basic European values: respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy and equality. During short-term study visits and workshops, we would like to exchange knowledge and experience with other schools regarding integration, non-discrimination, equality of rights of all European citizens, regardless of gender, origin, religion, in order to develop the figure of a conscious and committed citizen. Our school has experience in the implementation of various projects. In 2005-2006 we were the coordinator of the Socrates Comenius language project "We enter the labor market - a comparative analysis of application documents in Poland and Bulgaria.” In 2009-2011 we participated in the Multilateral Comenius Project "I want to tell you a fairy tale ..." with the schools from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and 2 schools from Romania. In 2012-2014, we were a participant in 2 Polish historical projects about: "Remember the past events. History and culture of two nations" and "You cannot forget about this". In 2009-2010 we implemented 19 e-Twinning projects, 3 of which received both National and European Quality Labels.

I.I.S. E. Majorana-A. Cascino (Piazza Armerina, Enna, Italy)-partner

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Telephone: +390935683659

Adress: Piazza Sen. Marescalchi, 2, Piazza Armerina, Enna, Italy

The I.I.S. “E. Majorana-A. Cascino” of Piazza Armerina is a large high secondary school with a very long tradition and experience: it has been operating in our area for about 150 years. Over the years it has changed courses and specialization to keep pace with modern demand. Today it covers different programs of education: technical education (with specializations in I.T., Mechanic, Electronics, Chemistry), vocational education (with specialization in Tourism), theoretical education (with specialization in classic and scientific studies). After a five-year-course our students get a diploma and they can choose to look for a job or attend university. The total amount of the students is 1066 divided into 58 classes. The school employs 115 teachers with high professional and general qualification. 70%of our students are commuters who come from small centres in the neighbourhood. The social and cultural background of the students is mixed: a great part of the students’ families face economic problems due to the high percentage of unemployment in our territory and don’t have opportunities to travel abroad. A smaller part of the students have good economic conditions. This diversity is an advantage that gives the opportunity to be in contact with different realities and to learn the respect of diversity. The project GISE fits with our educational syllabus whose main goal is, among the others, the promotion of an intercultural education, of the respect of differences and the dialogues among different cultures. The short term visits and workshops will give our students the opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge with students from other countries and to learn how to be a real European citizen. Furthermore the presence in our territory of organizations which deal with migrants gives us the opportunity to organize meetings and discussions with the students in order to promote the ideals of social inclusion and non discrimination. Teachers in foreign languages have been involved in Leonardo Projects; they have coordinate many language stages in England, France and Spain (PON FSE from 2008 to 2014) involving about 300 students. We usually organize courses in our school to get the most important certifications: Trinity, Delf and Dele.


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